Our team at Dash are multinationals and have a wide range of international hospitality experiences that includes EU, APAC, MENA and the USA. We offer our clients a unique and highly professional services to help them realize their vision.

– Henry Ford

Hayder Alnashie

Owner/CEO, DASH Hospitality Group

Hayder is a MBA graduate, with over 17 years experience specialising in Contracting and Real Estate Development with his family owned construction company, NNUC Contracting. Hayder has always has a passion for Food, Music and Entertainment, and in 2019 expanding the family business he launched Dash Hospitality Group to provide a full spectrum of services to the Hospitality industry from consulting to franchising to music and talent management.

Christian Jones

General Manager, DASH Hospitality Group

Christian brings to the business over 30 years of international hospitality experience, having worked across the EU, APAC and MENA working with some of the most iconic industry brands. He is accountable for the strategic direction, overall operations and the execution of the business plans for all divisions within the group. Christian has managed to grow the business considerable within a short time frame with the launch of ‘uniQitchen’, and by securing ‘Coffee Planet’ and ‘I am Doner’ Franchises.

Zaidon Alnashie

General Manager, NNUC Contracting

With over 35 years experience within the Contracting industry, and having worked on some of the most iconic construction projects within the GCC, Zaidon has the knowledge. Now leading NNUC, one of the leading construction and fitout contractors in the region. Working with some of the biggest families, companies and brands across several sectors including hotels, Automotive and a multiple of international F&B brands.