In 1985, as our family diversified, Mr Bashir E. Alnashie focused his energy on making a success in the construction industry, and now with over 35 years working within the industry is the Chairman of Al Nasser & Al Nashie United Company (NNUC). Taking pride and satisfaction in the progress, accomplishments and most importantly invaluable relationships he’s forged throughout this period.

He shares his success with his family who have all become an intricate part of the organisation. It is this family orientation that forms the core part in all their business. Today, NNUC is a major competitor in the construction market having gained respect among its clients, employees, suppliers and competitors alike

Mr. Hayder Alnashie MBA, the son of the Chairman, joined his family contracting business after completing his studies in Australia and the UK.

In 2005 Hayder established his own contracting business to streamline a systematic organisation with enhanced processes to cater to a fast-evolving construction market.

In 2009 father and son merged the two companies to form Nashie Contracting LLC (NC), having now opened branches in Kuwait, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, Australia and the UAE.

Our family business has continued to diversify their interests and now manage an ever-growing portfolio of properties throughout the world, have business interests in Bio Cladding, Gaming, F&B Franchising and Sub-Franchising and Cloud Kitchens.